NYers embrace proposed alternate side change

New Yorkers are welcoming a proposal to let drivers park in street cleaning zones as long as they’re sitting in their vehicles or the sweeper has already come through.

“I think it’d be great,” said Freddie Dumlao, 29, who works in the Garment District. “It’s hard enough to find parking in the city.”

For anybody who’s overslept and been ticketed or wasted hours hunting for alternate-side parking, the rule change now before the City Council would be a gift. That’s why Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez said he’s sponsoring it again after it failed in 2010. GPS inside sweeping vehicles would tell cops which roads have already been cleaned.

“It’s the same story for millions of New Yorkers that they have to be waiting inside the cars to avoid being ticketed,” Rodriguez said.

Sandra Hildalgo, 51, said her neighbors in Murray Hill all double park while the sweeper goes by, then idle till the restriction expires. “It’s like a ballet,” she said.

Not everyone is expected to be on board. The city could lose thousands in fine revenue. And one Upper Manhattan resident, who gave her name as Denise, worries people still won’t move for the street sweeper: “And then my street doesn’t get cleaned.”