Old and new salts to get dog spa by the Seaport

By Priya Idiculla

Larger dogs will finally have a grooming place in Lower Manhattan like their smaller-framed friends. The Salty Paw is billed as a “dog accessory emporium and grooming spa” and is slated to open in March at 38 Peck Slip. Big dogs are welcome.

“This is not one of those Manhattan boutiques that only accepts teeny tiny dogs in sweaters,” said Randi Karmin, one of the owners. “We will be offering accessories and services for mid-size to large, to all shapes and sizes of dogs.”

Karmin and co-owners Calli Lerner, Sandra Tedesco, and Amanda Byron Zink, are all Seaport residents who have been living Downtown for at least 10 years. Lerner, Tedesco, and Byron Zink, who are dog owners, and Karmin, an animal lover, observed a need for a local shop for their cherished animal friends.

“I can’t even count how many times I’ve wished for a store like this in our area,” said Lerner.

Yarrow L.L.C., developers of Historic Front Street, will begin renovations immediately for Salty Paw. “There will be the same ‘Old New York’ style that the Front St. development project is committed to having,” Karmin said of the group’s work restoring historic buildings on the block and converting them to apartments and retail spaces. “We want to create an environment that’s reflective of the area, so it will be warm and inviting.”

“There was such a huge need for this, the only comparable store in Lower Manhattan is in Tribeca,” Karmin said in a telephone interview. “The area has experienced tremendous growth in the recent past. We notice so many more new residents ­— professionals with and without families, and definitely with dogs.”

Lerner and Tedesco are already co-owners of wine bar Bin 220 on Front St. Karmin said, “We all saw the opportunity and finally decided to take matters into our own hands.”

The Salty Paw will offer gifts for cats and dogs of all sizes, their owners, and animal lovers in general. Paw will have everything from food and treats to grooming services available.

The store name reflects the history and image of the Seaport area, which the owners are so passionate about maintaining, as well as the fact that customers can feel confident knowing there will be items for feline clientele as well. Salty Paw is a twist on the old-fashioned slang for a sailor.

Karmin said that Yarrow’s Historic Front St. group, made up of Sciame Development, Zuberry Development Corp. and the Durst Organization, is the most significant improvement to the Seaport area. The mix of residential and commercial with current stores like Jack’s Stir Brew, Bin 220, four additional restaurants, a clothing boutique, a children’s boutique, and a dry cleaner offer more shopping options for residents and visitors.

“It’s pretty amazing that new and exciting local businesses like Pasanella and Sons Vintners on South St. can coexist with popular standbys like the Paris Cafe,” Karmin said. “The area still retains its neighborhood vibe and is the kind of place where neighbors know each others names and the longtime residents are mixing and mingling with the newcomers.” The Salty Paw plans on having a variety of events to keep it a neighborhood social center.

“We plan on having many fun events after hours, and we want this to be a place where the community can come so there will be tons of social gatherings and informative events,” said Karmin. “The public has been enthusiastic and we are very excited to provide Downtown with a nice final piece to finish the puzzle.”