Police Blotter: Week of Jan. 12, 2016


A knife-wielding reprobate beat and slashed a man on a northbound 3 train near the Park Place Subway Station on Jan. 8.

The victim, 26, told police that he boarded the train at Wall St. at 9:15 p.m., then took a seat and nodded off.

But the man was in for rude awakening at the hands of the blade-toting wacko, who singled out the sleepy straphanger and demanded his seat after the doors opened at the station near Broadway, cops said.

“Give me that seat mother f—–, a——,” the delinquent barked.

When the victim refused, the nut job attacked, cracking him once with the butt of the knife handle, before slashing him on the head, cops said.

The miscreant slugged his victim a few more times before the hapless commuter tucked his tail between his legs and headed for a safer car on the train, according to police.

At 72nd St., the victim departed and sought help, and the knife-wielding creep fled for parts unknown, cops said.


Cops are hunting a worker who allegedly ripped off a Greenwich St. department store to the tune of $1,036 beginning Dec. 28.

A manager told police that the suspect worked at the store between Murray St. and Park Pl., where she made a habit of making fraudulent charges on the register and pocketing the cash.

The wicked worker’s crime spree only lasted for two days before her managers caught on, and now cops are out looking to book her, according to police.


A shoplifter pulled a knife on employees of a Broadway drug store after he was caught pilfering pills on Jan. 1.

Employees told police that the crook was inside the pharmacy between Murray St. and Park Pl. at 11:42 p.m., when he was spotted pulling medicine off the counter and stuffing the meds into his jacket.

When workers confronted him, the crook turned to violence and pulled a knife, which convinced employees to let him slip out with his ill-gotten goods, cops said.

No injuries occurred, according to police.


Cops busted two men after they allegedly left each other bloodied and bruised inside a Fulton St. candy store on Jan. 2.

The mutual assailants, a customer and an employee, were arguing inside the shop between William and Nassau Sts. at 4:30 a.m., when things escalated and weapons were drawn, according to police.

The patron, wielding a knife, slashed and stabbed the employee, cops said.

The worker, meanwhile, took up a metal bar, which he used to thrash his belligerent customer, according to police.

Following the fracas, both men were booked on felony assault charges, cops said.


Cops busted a man and woman for allegedly beating each other aboard a train at a Broadway subway station on Jan. 4.

The pair were riding the rails near the station at John St. at 5:10 p.m., when they began whacking away at one another, the man wielding a mirror and the woman swinging a “Caution Sign,” according to police.

Both were arrested on felony assault charges following the brawl, and the woman had to get four stitches as a result of the blows she received from the glass mirror, cops said.


Cops busted an alleged purse-snatcher after a hero bystander sprang into action on Beaver St. on Jan. 9.

The victim told police that she was near Broadway at 1:40 p.m., when the suspect ambushed her from behind and grabbed her bag according to police.

The woman, however, wasn’t giving up her valuables without a fight and held onto the bag as the suspect knocked her to the ground and dragged her for about 10 feet, cops said.

Before the miscreant could make good on his escape, a good Samaritan sprang into action and restrained the suspect long enough for police to arrive and slap the cuffs on, cops said.

— Colin Mixson