Police Blotter, Week of Oct. 21, 2015

Six men attack, rob student
Half a dozen men attacked, cut and robbed a B.M.C.C. student last week, making off with $2,000 worth of his stuff, police say.

The 36-year-old man had left class at the Borough of Manhattan Community College at 199 Chambers St. in Tribeca at 9:45 p.m. on Tues., Oct. 13, police say. One man lurking outside of the school on Murray St. spied the victim and said, “What’s up, dude?”

The student crossed the street, but the suspect followed and pulled a black handgun from a bush, police say. But the suspect changed his mind, according to cops, put the gun back into the bush and pulled out a switchblade, cutting the victim on the left wrist. The student ran to a nearby deli, Corner Gourmet, at 66 W. Broadway, and asked for for someone to call 911.

Then another man came into the deli, said something in Spanish and everyone else left, according to the police report. Four more men and the first suspect entered and they all attacked the student, pushing him into a glass counter and stealing a $300 Burberry tan wallet, $400 in cash, two credit cards, a $1,300 Andrew Marc black jacket and a Bullhead backpack, police say.

The student chased the first suspect who had pulled the knife to a 7-Eleven at 140 Church St. The student got him to drop the backpack. The victim described two of the six suspects — one as 18, 5’8” and 155 pounds and the other as 19, 6’0” and 180 pounds.

Image courtesy of NYPD Police sketch of the suspect accused of targeting women on the 1 train.
Image courtesy of NYPD
Police sketch of the suspect accused of targeting women on the 1 train.

Man targeting women on 1 train still at large
Police are still looking for a man who has now threatened to cut three women, punched one and robbed all four on the 1 train in Lower Manhattan. Police have released a sketch.

In two incidents last month, the man — described as early 40s, between 5’10” and 6’0,” with a thin build and pock marks under both eyes — threatened to cut two women, stole money from both and punched one of the victims in the face.

This month, on Mon., Oct. 12 at 1:15 p.m., a 26-year-old woman who lives in the Financial District was making the switch from an express train to a local at the Chambers St. stop in Tribeca, police say. She noticed a man on the platform with her before they both boarded a northbound 1 train.

Police say the man then approached her and asked for money. When the woman told him, “I have no money,” the suspect demanded her wallet. He cleaned it out and handed the empty wallet back, but police did not specify what he took. The man got off at Franklin St. and fled, according to the police report.

Almost a week earlier, at 8:45 a.m. on Tues., Oct. 6, a woman, who works in the Financial District and lives in Staten Island, was on a southbound 1 train at South Ferry when the suspect came up to her and said, “I need some money. I can cut you, you know.” The 40-year-old woman gave him $15, but that wasn’t enough for the thief who said, “I need more than this.” The woman handed over $20 bill. He made her go to the next train car with him and then fled at Chambers St.

Check out surprise
Two hotel guests/thieves got more out of their visit than most, stealing three other guests’ bags and getting away with $7,000 worth of stuff, police say.

The theft happened late last month, on Sun., Sept. 27 at the Club Quarters Hotel, World Trade Center at 140 Washington St., between Albany and Cedar Sts. in the Financial District. At around 3 p.m., the two suspects, who had stayed at the hotel and checked out earlier, convinced hotel staff to take three bags out of storage.

The thieves took the bags, which contained various electronics and a credit card, and went to a Starbucks in the Marriott Hotel at 85 West. St., where they used the credit card to make a purchase, police say.  That hotel security director told police he thought the two were “casing” the front desk, but they then left. One suspect was described as male and 25. No sex was given for the second suspect.

The three victims were all tourists, two from Florida and one from Texas.

Unjust desserts
Is it possible to steal over $1,300 worth of ice cream? Apparently, yes. A team of five stole the pints from a Duane Reade at 305 Broadway in Tribeca, police say.

On Fri., Oct. 9 at around 4:50 p.m., a female employee told police that the five stole six Delish 16-ounce ice creams, valued at $24, and $1,286 worth of Häagen Dazs 14-ounce tubs out of the store’s freezers. The employee told police one of the five was a man, but there were no descriptions of his accomplices, according to the police report.