PoliticsNY provides platform to every single 2021 NYC political candidate to have their faces seen and voices heard

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In the rare instances where hyper-local candidates are offered media opportunities, it’s to get their stance on specific community issues: gun violence, the environment, homelessness, sanitation. And most media outlets solely cover the top-tier candidates: those who have the most name recognition or who have raised the most money.

PoliticsNY, the newest of the Schneps Media family of brands, is the only media outlet providing a platform to every single NYC political candidate in 2021 to have their faces seen and voices heard. PoliticsNY is covering every single candidate whose name will be on the ballot this year. With ranked-choice voting, it’s anyone’s race. So get to know the faces and personalities behind the politics.

People may not realize that 2021 is a huge year for New York City. In addition to all eyes being on the City as it comes out of the pandemic, NYC is getting a complete government overhaul: new Mayor, Comptroller, District Attorneys, Borough Presidents, more than half a new NYC Council. What will the next iteration of our city look like?

We can decide. Every registered voter holds the power to make a change in their district.

Let’s remember: Spring 2020, when COVID-19 hit our City, who did we turn to? Our government leaders. Local government leaders called the shots.

With so many candidates on the ballot in June – most being Democrats – how can you tell them apart? It’s their personalities, really. And how are we getting to know their personalities when in-person interactions are limited? Without the networking events, fundraisers, breakfasts and community social gatherings, candid conversations aren’t being had. PoliticsNY is filling that void.

Host and Executive Producer Skye Ostreicher says she may be the only person who has shared a laugh with almost all 300 of candidates who will appear on the ballot in June.

“Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures! Through Zoom, I have been able to offer every single candidate for public office the opportunity to be featured across NYC’s largest community media group. That’s game-changing for candidates who aren’t otherwise showing up at the countless events that existed in life before the virus” said Ostreicher. “When comparing multiple candidates of the same party for one City Council seat, it’s very difficult to discern who is the most qualified. Getting to know their personal sides, what makes them tick, is the most interesting part. The fact of the matter is, most voters aren’t as well versed in the issues as the candidates are. It’s very easy to get confused about the issues and solutions. What did we learn from the non-politician who was just in the White House? Personality matters.”

PoliticsNY is the only media outlet hosting debates and forums for every single seat: a huge undertaking, and community service! Most nights in May, PoliticsNY is hosting three debates per night. Find the schedule on our website: www.politicsNY.com/debates 

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