Robin Hood, advocates and child care providers release results of statewide poll on child care subsidies

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Charitable organization Robin Hood released earlier Wednesday the results of a statewide poll by New Yorkers to increase child care investment in the State. 

In President Biden’s State of the Union address late Tuesday evening, he mentioned the administration’s priority to reduce the cost of child care. Since the expansion of the New York State budget is due March 31, policymakers are taking action. 

Back in February, Robin Hood commissioned HarrisX and FKDK to conduct a statewide online poll with 2,132 registered voters. The polling results were that 62% of New Yorkers supported the policy, while 26% opposed it. These results show the overwhelming support from New Yorkers for the increase of investment in child care.

“These findings show that child care is a top issue for New Yorkers in every corner of the state,” Buery said. “We applaud Governor Hochul, who has demonstrated tremendous leadership in proposing the expansion of funding for child care.”

With this support, organizations hope to implement a new wave of assistance to child care educators. 

“Robin Hood is focused on reimagining our broken child care system, professional training and development for child care workers and ensuring that our child care system is properly resourced so that every child has access to high-quality, affordable child care,” Richard Buery, Jr., CEO of Robin Hood said. “This policy receives support in every region of the state.”

Non-profit organizations have commended the state and recognize how their community needs this change.

“The poll results that Robin Hood has released underscore what educators and families already know,” CEO of All Our, Kin Jessica Sager, said. “New Yorkers want child care. New Yorkers need child care. Our economic recovery depends on it.”

Child care worker and owner of Little Leaders Group Family Day Care in the Bronx, Shanette Linton, shared her experience firsthand as someone in this work field and supported this policy. 

“Families are desperate for our care, and we are desperate for living wages. Please help make child care affordable and available across the state,” Linton said.

Michaella Blissett-Williams, a graduate of Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Voices Initiative, owner of Salon 718 and mother of two, shared her support for this new policy. 

“The lack of affordable child care in our community is a massive inhibitor to smart and talented people participating in the workforce,” Williams said. “10,000 Small Business Voices is grateful for Governor Hochul’s commitment to making a significant investment in child care infrastructure across the state.” 

Those working to support their families strive to provide the best and should not have to sacrifice that time spent where a child care worker can help; this policy hopes to bridge that gap. 

“It’s time for us to show up so that we can bounce back, our economy requires it […] the data is clear, and we urge our policymakers and elected officials to act on behalf of their constituents, to show up for New York’s youngest and to now secure New York’s future. We need child care,” Executive Director of Ed Trust Dia Bryant said.