Scoopy’s Notebook


Paparazzo Scoopy!

Looking like she meant business, actress Kathleen Turner, above left, was among the throng of thousands at Foley Square on Saturday protesting federal cuts to Planned Parenthood. Meanwhile, four days later, on Wednesday, Theodora Richards, above right, daughter of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards and model Patti Hansen, was near the same spot, paying a trip to court at 100 Centre St. for her arraignment on drug and graffiti charges. TMZ reported that Theodora, 25, was arrested around 10:45 p.m. Tuesday night after police say she was using a “paint marker” to graffiti “T ♥ A” onto the side of a building in Soho. According to police, when arrested, Richards was found to have marijuana and a controlled substance in her possession. A model herself, she’s done work for Burberry and Tommy Hilfiger. Wondering if he’d top his recent remarks about the Kardashians, we asked Sean Sweeney, director of the Soho Alliance, for comment. “Vandalizing public walls must run in the family,” he said. “Her father was arrested in 1964 for peeing on a wall.”

V.I.D. V.I.P.:

Jonathan Geballe is the new president of the Village Independent Democrats club. Geballe said V.I.D. will hold its benefit dinner on May 12 at the Village Lobster and Crabhouse, at Varick and Clarkson Sts., and that the club intends to honor none other than The Villager and East Villager (good choice!) for our coverage of issues like St. Vincent’s Hospital and the oil-leak cleanup at N.Y.U.’s Washington Square Village (a specialty of “eco editor” Albert Amateau). Geballe said the new Village Lobster and Crabhouse is doing very well at what has previously been a tough location for other restaurants, including a barbecue place, among others.

Back to the land:

Reverend Billy and his Church of Earthalujah are opening their new “church service” at Theater 80 St. Mark’s on March 6, kicking off a run of 15 Sundays at Lorcan Otway’s East Village venue. As Billy explained it to us, after the disillusioning experience of running as the Green Party candidate for mayor in 2009, in which he got around 1 percent of the vote — politics was “so airless,” he said — he felt a yearning to get back to Mother Earth. The show — sorry, “service”! — focuses on the environmental issue of mountaintop-removal mining in Appalachia. He said it’s a natural progression of his group’s anti-consumerism, since so many of our products are based on fossil fuels in one way or another. Thus, his church is no longer the Church of Stop Shopping, or even the Church of Life After Shopping — but the Church of Earthalujah. Amen! There will be “theme nights,” including “Transportation Night,” for one. Billy noted his chorus is “infiltrated completely by Critical Mass and alternative-transportation advocates.” In what sounds akin to the rousing finale of “Hair,” Billy said, at the end of each “church service,” the audience will wind up onstage.

Personally speaking:

Kim Martin, co-chairperson of NOLINA (Northern Little Italy Neighborhood Association), asked us to clarify that any comments she was quoted making in our article last week on the Feast of San Gennaro issue were strictly her speaking for herself and not as a representative of NOLINA. Also, she pointed out, the IMG-produced fashion shows for Fashion Week will be held in Lincoln Center this year, not in Bryant Park. Our article quoted Martin saying that the Nolita boutiques would be hard-pressed to make expensive “samples” for both the main uptown fashion show and a hypothetical one on Mulberry St. for San Gennaro, which the festival’s organizers would like to have.