Seaport printing co. reopens

The Seaport Museum New York’s famed printing shop, Bowne & Co., Stationers, is reopening its doors to the public on Fri., Oct. 14, according to Susan Henshaw Jones  director of the Museum of the City of New York, the entity that has temporarily assumed control of the struggling maritime museum.

M.C.N.Y. has rehired master printer Robert Warner to run the shop. “We’re thrilled to get [Warner] back and to be operating the presses again, making orders in the store and getting ready for taking orders,” said Jones.

The print shop, she noted, will be open five-to-six days per week.

Meanwhile, Jones has appointed Jerry Gallagher, M.C.N.Y.’s former vice president of facilities, as the Seaport Museum’s general manager. “I’ve worked with him here at M.C.N.Y. for five or six years. I know his capabilities — they are broad,” said Jones. “He’s got lots of managerial background.”

Gallagher wasn’t immediately available for comment.