City developers are keeping their eye to the sky.

The amount of power generated by solar energy in New York City quadrupled over the past three years, according to the mayor’s office. Solar installations generated nearly 105 megawatts of electricity, enough to supply about 25,000 homes.

The city’s goal is to hit a 1-gigawatt capacity by 2030, which could power up to 250,000 homes. The first phase of the Solarize NYC initiative will launch in Harlem and Downtown Brooklyn. The initiative will help provide information and discounted pricing for solar installation in low-income neighborhoods.

Roughly 7,352 installations have been put up since the beginning of 2014, and currently there are 8,400 solar-powered buildings throughout the five boroughs, according to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s office. Based on the current schedule, the city is expected to reach 140 megawatts of solar capacity by the end of this year, nearly 116 megawatts more than at the end of 2013.

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