Staten Island drug bust takes down two dozen

Two dozen people were accused of being members of gangs that trafficked in drugs.

A couple dozen gang members were indicted Thursday in a Staten Island drug bust, officials said. Some of the alleged gang members are also linked to years-old shootings.

The 24 alleged gang members ran with two separate crews, said Staten Island District Attorney Daniel Donovan in a statement. The year-long operation was named “Jersey Boys” after the Jersey Street corridor in New Brighton where they allegedly dealt the drugs, including cocaine and heroin, he said.

“But, this is no Broadway musical,” Donovan said. “These are hardened criminals singing the blues now that they face serious felony charges.”

Investigators are still looking for two of the alleged gang members, according to the DA’s office.

Several suspects have also been linked to past shootings and some have lengthy criminal records to boot.

Investigators raided several homes, with loot including $90,000 in cash, 70 grams of cocaine, two BMWs, three pounds of marijuana, 80 grams of crack and 150 grams of “molly.”

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