Staying local: Fans take in the game from Bryant Park

Some fans braved the weather, transit and concession prices for a chance to watch the Super Bowl live at MetLife Stadium. Others prefer the comfort of a roof over their head and a large-screen TV. We caught up with some fans checking out the Super Bowl party hosted at the Verizon Power House in Bryant Park.

Krystyna Caban & John Guiliano, from Babylon, Long Island

Krystyna: I’m rooting for the Broncos but so far it’s very disappointing. I’m a Giants fan and both Mannings weren’t there so I figured I’d go for one brother. I wish I was there at the Super Bowl but I couldn’t afford the tickets.
John: I’m a Jets fan and there’s no one else to really go for other than the Broncos. It’s still early in the game, it’s only the first quarter so it could go any way.

Keith Nelson, from Yonkers
I came here today because no better place to watch a Super Bowl party than on a big screen.

I’m a Rams fan. My prediction for the game today is Broncos 34, Seahawks 21. Peyton Manning is the best defender of all time, he’s older and more experienced.
Bobby Samuels, from Midtown
This event is a lot more than I expected it to be. I’m an Eagles fan but I’m going with the Broncos on this game. I predict the Broncos win 27 to 19.
Andrew Makarious, from Jersey City
An Eagles fan rooting for the Broncos. Broncos will win 21 to 17.
Sultan Morales from East New York Brooklyn
I like the interactive experience here tonight. I’m not much of a football fan but I’m rooting for the Seahawks because they are the underdogs.
John Tramutolo, from Jersey City
From a Jets fan point of view, it’s hard to pick a team tonight because it’s two of the best teams. I think Denver will come out on top by 7 and it might go down to the last 5 minutes.

I like that the events are spread out between New York and New Jersey because otherwise it would have been complete havoc.