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Swastika ring pulled from Sears website after outcry; Sears apologizes


This "sideways swastika ring" was swiftly pulled from Sears' website on Monday, Oct. 13. Photo Credit: Sears

In the department of bad ideas, this one might take the cake.

A seller posted a "sideways swastika ring" for sale on Sears' marketplace website, causing Sears to swifty pull the item and apologize.

Just to be clear, the posting did say the ring was "Not for Neo Nazi or any Nazi implication."

In a statement to ABC, Sears said the "offensive item, which was listed by independent third-parties on Sears Marketplace, violates our guidelines, and was removed as soon as we became aware of its existence on our site. We are contacting the Sellers to strongly voice our concern and their lack of judgment."

The item did not escape the Internet's notice. "Is Sears really selling Swatiska rings. I found them online," tweeted Marilyn Zayfert, one of many people to tweet their shock about the item.

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