‘Turn the page’: Cuomo urges New Yorkers stay safe as vaccination efforts continue

Photo via Flickr/Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Office

As the worst of the recent snowstorm seems to behind New Yorkers, Governor Andrew Cuomo once again urged people to slow the spread of COVID-19 while vaccination efforts continue across the state.

Reflecting on the surge in the spring, Cuomo said it would be possible for people to play it safe during the holidays and not overwhelm hospitals while the state commits resources to aid the federal government in the transport of the vaccine.

“If we slow the spread, we can avoid any more economic shutdowns. And that is the number one goal; save lives and avoid economic shutdowns. We just have to make it to the point where the vaccine hits critical mass, and we’re working like mad to get that vaccine out there. But we have to be smart, slow the spread, avoid the shutdowns,” Cuomo said. “I believe in New Yorkers. We slow the spread. We won’t have to shut down anything. We take the vaccine. And we turn the page in life, and we get ready for 2021.”

After 120 New York residents died on Wednesday due to the COVID-19, 6,147 are hospitalized and 1,095 are in the ICU which includes 611 on ventilators, according to Cuomo.

Though Governor Cuomo said the storm has not caused any disruption with federal transportation of the vaccine, which is primarily coming through FedEx and UPS by air, the state is standing by with vehicles ready to pick up any slack.

“But there is no significant disruption in places where we need to supplement the transportation, with four-wheel drive vehicles, heavy equipment, we’re doing that,” Cuomo said.

In New York City, the positivity rate is at 6% for the seven-day rolling average, but the five boroughs have received 42,900 which have been distributed to 5,200 healthcare workers, Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Thursday.

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