Weather NYC: Temperature hits a high of 66 degrees, smashing 92-year-old record

“I’m not complaining but I did not expect it to be this nice in December.”

New Yorkers and tourists were surprised and thrilled by Sunday’s warm weather, as the city smashed a 92-year-old record with a high of 66 degrees, according to AccuWeather.

“It’s shocking. I’m not complaining but I did not expect it to be this nice in December,” said Christopher Marrero, 28, of Castle Hill in the Bronx, before heading onto the ice rink at Bryant Park. “I’ve never skated in warm weather … We’re hopeful it will go smoothly and the ice won’t melt under us.”

Thousands wandered through Bryant Park, browsing the park’s small holiday stands while hundreds glided around the rink.

Angel Macias, 25, of Sunset Park, Brooklyn, brought his 4-year-old son to the park and planned to travel next to see the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. “We’re trying to enjoy as much of the city as we can now because come January it’s going to be pretty cold.”

They would have plenty of company at Rockefeller Center, where thousands gathered and a tuba orchestra performed Christmas carols in the iconic ice rink.

The DeiCoro family traveled from Sparta, N.J., to watch their 11-year-old son perform. “The weather is incredible. As a mom it’s nice because I don’t have to make him wear his coat,” said Amy DeiCoro, 43.

Jessica Fond, 22, a consultant originally from Queens and now living in New Jersey, thought the warm weather gave Rockefeller Center a different, strange vibe.

“When it’s cold, normally everyone wears really dark colors and it makes the decorations stand out more,” Fond said. “But against the colorful clothing everyone’s wearing, it just meshes together.”

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