Board of Elections will resend Brooklyn ballots after printer snafu

Brooklyn_ballot.0 copy
A ballot sent to Brooklyn voter (THE CITY)

Due to an error by the print vendor, Phoenix Graphics, some voters may have received a mislabeled ballot envelope (the one labelled Official Absentee Ballot Envelope), in the ballot package, the city’s Board of Elections announced.

The board is sending out a second absentee ballot package with the corrected information to all voters who may have been affected by this error.

Voters should expect to begin receiving replacement ballots during the week of Oct. 9.

Upon receipt of the second ballot package, voters will be instructed to destroy the contents of the previous absentee ballot package and use the corrected materials included in this mailing. Affected voters who have returned their absentee ballot, will be instructed to fill out the replacement ballot and send it back in the provided envelope as soon as possible. The Board will ensure that the second ballot will be the only one that is counted.  

It is important to note that New York State Election Law allows voters who have requested or returned their absentee ballot to still vote in person. An in-person vote will override and invalidate any absentee ballot received by the Board. 

Voters should be receiving mail shortly which will notify them of their Early Voting and Election Day Poll Sites. Early Voting will occur between Oct. 24 and Nov. 1. Additionally, you can visit vote.nyc for your Poll Site information. 

The board apologizes for this error. Any questions can be answered at 1-866-VOTE-NYC or at vote.nyc. 

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