MANH Lawmakers on the Move, Mar. 3, 2020

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Johnson Adds Portraits of Iconic New York Women to City Hall

Council Member Corey Johnson
Council Member Corey Johnson (Credit: Jeff Reed)

Yesterday, Council Speaker Corey Johnson (D-Chelsea, Hell’s Kitchen) and the New York Historical Society announced a new slate of portraits for City Hall’s “Women’s Voices: Shaping the City” exhibition.

The exhibition opened last March to honor women activists who have made significant contributions to NYC history. The new slate consists of the following women:

  • Pura Belpré, the first Puerto Rican librarian in New York City;
  •  Elizabeth Jennings Graham, the founder of the City’s first kindergarten for African-American children;
  • Edie Windsor, the lead plaintiff of the landmark Supreme Court case United States v. Windsor;
  • and Chien-Shiung Wu, a Chinese-American math scholar at Columbia University.

“As we celebrate Women’s History Month, we must make sure that women who shaped New York City get the recognition they deserve,” said Johnson. “For too long, portraits and statues of men dominated City Hall but that changed last year through our partnership with the New-York Historical Society. Now those who come to this storied building will learn about trailblazing women like Edie Windsor, Pura Belpré, Chien-Shiung Wu and Elizabeth Jennings Graham. The Council will continue to fight for women’s equality in every corner of life.”

O’Donnell, Rosenthal to Host Free Resuable Bag Giveaway

Assembly Member Daniel O'Donnell
Assembly Member Daniel O’Donnell

This Saturday, Assemblymember Daniel O’Donnell (D-Manhattan Valley, Morningside Heights) and Council Member Helen Rosenthal (D-Central Park, Lincoln Square) will be co-hosting a free tote bag giveaway.

Last Sunday New York enacted a statewide law banning businesses from using plastic carryout bags. To help New Yorkers adapt, O’Donnell and Rosenthal will be handing out hundreds of free reusable bags. The event will also include a briefing about the City’s composting program.

The event will take place on Saturday, Mar. 7 from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. at 96th Street and Broadway.

AG James Releases Top 10 Frauds of 2019

Attorney General of NY Letitia James
Attorney General of NY Letitia James

Yesterday, New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) released her list of the top 10 consumer fraud complaints her office received in 2019, as part of National Consumer Protection Week.

Internet-related complaints topped the list, accounting for 4,436 of the complaints she received last year. The category includes complaints related to ISPs, data privacy and digital media. “Consumer-related” complaints, such as those in areas like banking, immigration services and schools, were second on the list.

“This top 10 list not only reflects the numerous ways in which consumers were unfortunately defrauded, cheated, and conned in 2019, but should serve as a warning sign for all consumers as we forge ahead into 2020,” said James. “Consumers who have helped identify and report issues to our office have been invaluable partners in our efforts to stop deceptive scams and will be vital in our efforts to stop fraudsters dead in their tracks going forward. My office will continue to use every tool at its disposable to protect New York consumers and enforce our laws.”

Rosenthal Mourns Loss of Carriage Horse

Assembly Member Linda B. Rosenthal
Assembly Member Linda B. Rosenthal

Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal (D-Upper West Side, Hell’s Kitchen) released a statement yesterday following reports of the death of Aisha, a New York carriage horse.

Yesterday, a video of Aisha’s final moments surfaced on social media. The video shows her struggling to stand on her hind legs, collapsing over and over. A second video showed an unidentified individual purposely blowing cigarette smoke into the downed horse’s face.

“While it’s still unclear what ultimately lead to the horse’s death, I and many others must ask what the sick or injured horse was doing out working on the streets in the first place,” said Rosenthal. “When was the last time it had been examined by a veterinarian? Why wasn’t a veterinarian called to attend the horse, who was clearly suffering and in grave distress? Why were its legs tied before it was heartlessly dragged into the back of a truck?

“It is hard to understand why anyone would treat an animal with such heartlessness.

“Until such time as the horse carriage industry is ended, the City must do more to ensure that carriage horses get the proper veterinary screening before they are cleared to work, and along with the advocates I will work to see that all horses engaged in the industry are treated humanely.”