Lower East Side apartment with a kitchen shower can be yours for $1,795 a month!

The price is negotiable.

Want to an apartment on the Lower East Side for under $2,000 a month? Be prepared to get creative with your cooking.

An apartment with a shower in the kitchen has been listed by Misrahi Realty on padmaddper.com.

Oh and it can be all yours for just $1,795 a month. Although that is negotiable, according to the listing.

The post was first spotted by Gothamist.

Since we’re all stuck living in this city together under these conditions, New Yorkers did what they did best in reaction to this listing: Made jokes on Twitter.

“Explain to me why people move to New York again,” tweeted @LianaBrooks.

Others tweeted that they had seen that very apartment, or that it didn’t seem so bad to them. After all, just think of the convenience–how easy will it be to wash fruit now?