Study finds the Brooklyn is the noisiest borough in New York City

Brooklyn Bridge New York City
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In an effort to determine which streets in NYC were the noisiest, PropertyClub released a report of all noise complaints filed with the 311 service from January 2019 through February 2020.

PropertyClub is a real estate consultant website in NYC, and conducted the report for people moving to NYC to be informed of the level of noise in a market area, according to the report. 

PropertyClub ranked the 50 noisiest streets in NYC according to the number of complaints and found that Eighth Street in Astoria, Queens is the noisiest street in the city, according to the report. 

In fact, the three loudest streets in NYC are all located in Queens. However, Brooklyn is the noisiest borough overall, with 73,744 complaints. The Bronx came in second with 63,998 complaints. Manhattan had 56,741 complaints. Queens had 55,032 complaints. Staten Island was ranked as the quietest borough, with only 8,040 complaints. 

Complaints were organized into four categories: Banging/Pounding, Loud Music/Party, Loud Talking and Loud Television. 

The biggest noise-related issue for Brooklyners falls into the ‘Loud Music/Party’ category, with 47,286 complaints filed since January 2019.

Loud music and parties are the biggest complaints across the city, with 161,311 complaints. 

Overall, there were 257,555 noise complaints across NYC that had locations listed on the 311 list. 

The ten noisiest streets are: 8th Street, Madison Street, 9th Street, Grand Concourse, 1st Street, 5th Street, Y Avenue, Washington Avenue, 3rd Street and K Avenue. 

Manhattan only has 10 of the 50 noisiest NYC streets, and the noisiest is ranked at number 13 on the report’s list.

Grand Concourse is the noisiest street in the Bronx due to its heavy traffic running across five miles of the city, according to the report. 

The full report can be found at propertyclub.nyc.