Meet Brittiane: A Long Island Mom Who Makes Money Driving


Brittiane found freedom and flexibility in her daily life using a delivery app to make money.

Born in Jamaica, she moved to New York in 2014. As a mother of five, Brittiane wanted to earn extra money to help provide for her kids without compromising on quality time – and the Roadie app made it possible for her.

She started earning right away without having food or passengers in her car.

“You can pick your own deliveries,” she said. “The flexible timing is great for me.”

This experience was a welcome change of pace compared to food delivery apps and traditional nine-to-five jobs that bear more restrictions. Many deliveries on Roadie can be completed quickly and the app offers the convenience of cashing out earnings instantly.

“I absolutely love using Roadie,” she said.

Are you looking for flexibility, freedom, and more financial stability? Start earning in New York City today!