Video | A courageous conversation about race, ethnicity, culture and health in America

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The COVID-19 pandemic glaringly illuminated racial and ethnic pervasive, persistent and longstanding health and healthcare disparities. Health and healthcare disparities are compounded by historic mistrust of the U.S. healthcare system and healthcare providers by communities of color.

Hosted by Schneps Media, this webinar explores the reasons for health and healthcare disparities, how to increase diversity in clinical trials, best practices in outreach and engagement, how to respond to vaccine hesitancy and how to partner with patient advocacy groups of color. Competitive advantage will accrue to healthcare organizations who are comfortable with the issues of multiculturalism and who take strategic, sustainable, and measurable action to reach the underserved in access and quality. It’s time to have a bold and courageous conversation about race and health in America in striving for health equity.

The webinar is presented by Sheila L. Thorne, President and CEO @Multicultural Healthcare Marketing Group, LLC. For over 20 years, she has worked with healthcare professionals throughout North America, and while based in London for six years, worked throughout Latin America and Western Europe representing the top 50 pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies and 20 U.S. hospital systems in the clinical research and marketing of prescription medicines and consumer health products to people of color.

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