Despite loss, Jets sound off against doubters

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Ravens' Justin Houston hits Jets quarterback Joe Flacco as he throws a pass during the first half of their Week 1 matchup.
Ravens’ Justin Houston hits Jets quarterback Joe Flacco as he throws a pass during the first half of their Week 1 matchup.
AP Photo/John Munson

Despite struggling in their opening game on Sunday, when they lost to the Ravens 24–9, the Jets are pushing back against their critics — promising to “keep receipts” on those who’ve mocked them early on.

“We’re all taking receipts from all the people who continually mock, and say that we’re not gonna do anything,” said head coach Robert Saleh. “I’m taking receipts — and I’ll be more than happy to share them with all of you all when it’s all said and done.”

Saleh’s comments, on a Zoom call with reporters, came after near universal criticism from fans and insiders alike, who picked-apart their lackluster play in Week 1. 

Perhaps most prominently, Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning took aim at the Jets during the “Manning-cast” broadcast of the Seahawks-Broncos game on Monday night, sarcastically praising Gang Green for their inept play. 

“Well, the Jets threw it 59 times and that worked out well for them. They looked good,” the former Colts signal caller said with a smile. “You can’t throw it 59 times in the opener, you can’t do it.”

That was in reference to quarterback Joe Flacco’s prolific usage during the Jets game, when he completed 62.7% of his passes on 59 attempts — the highest total in the league, by a solid margin. Despite throwing so much, the Jets scored just a single touchdown, which game at the end of the 4th quarter, then the contest was essentially over. 

Flacco was forced to pass as much as he did, as the run game struggled while recording just 83 yards, and the defensive breakdown forced the Jets to play from behind the entire game. 

In total, the offense fumbled the ball twice, and Flacco added an interception. 

The defense was also sub par, with the Ravens scoring with ease against a Jets secondary that looked out of place for four quarters. 

“I just think we have to focus a little bit more,” said wide receiver Corey Davis. “Just get rid of the self-inflicted wounds.”

Saleh, for his part, urged fans to be patient, as the second-year coach promised that his young core will continue to develop, and the team will see improvement going forward. 

“There’s nothing worse than being sold a bill of goods on the future,” he admitted. “Everyone wants things now. It’s the instant coffee age — but at the same time, we’re grinding, and I know these guys are gonna get better.”

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