WATCH: AEW stars troll New York Islanders fans during UBS Arena show

New York Islanders AEW

The New York Islanders’ decision to fire Barry Trotz shocked the hockey world earlier this week, and on Wednesday night provided plenty of fodder for AEW wrestling stars to poke at during the company’s show at UBS Arena

Not one, two AEW stars trolled the Islanders and their fans in moments that have since gone viral. The most notable came when wrestler CM Punk entered UBS Arena in an Islander jersey with former captain John Tavares’ name on the back. 

The WWE turned AEW star was loudly booed when he turned around to reveal the former Islanders captain’s name on the back of the sweater. 

Tavares remains highly unpopular on Long Island after he decided to leave the Islanders in 2018 in free agency and sign with his hometown Toronto Maple Leafs. He was vehemently booed during his first game on Long Island following his decision and has become one of the most controversial figures in Islanders’ history. 

CM Punk has been a lifelong hockey fan and growing up in Chicago he rooted for the Chicago Blackhawks. He has continued that fandom to this day. 

It wasn’t the only dig that was made during the night. Wrestler and Long Island native “Platinum” Max Caster referenced the team’s decision to fire Trotz when he told his opponent he would send them packing “like Barry Trotz.” 

Wednesday marked AEW’s second time visiting UBS Arena since it opened last November and it was the third professional wrestling event held at the Belmont Park venue. AEW competitor WWE hosted Raw there in November. 

The Islanders’ state-of-the-art home opened after decades of the franchise trying to build a permanent home in Nassau County and a brief stay at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. 

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