Subway etiquette campaign we need now: No peeing on trains!

Subway officials have been targeting poor rider etiquette like it’s the plague, warning customers to stop hugging poles, blocking doors or hogging seats.

But after amNewYork was subjected to recent videos of outrageously inappropriate behavior on the subways, we felt the campaign does not go far enough.

We are talking about public urination on trains.

Yes, it has happened and is happening. Don’t believe us? Check out this video (Warning: Video contains graphic bodily functions and will make you hate NYC), and the photo to the right, which has been cropped to save your eyes.

And someone needs to do something about it — because it is not only a public hazard, but also downright disgusting. So we are suggesting that, alongside the campaigns against pole hugging and pole dancing, the MTA tackle this malevolent behavior head-on.

So we’ve produced this colorful illustration that can be reinforced with these “Do” and “Don’t” scenarios. The MTA is welcome to use them. They’re free!

Do’s include:

“Step off the train if you need some relief.”

“Keep your pee to yourself.”

“Relieve yourself before you board your train.”

No No’s include:

“It’s a subway, not a urinal.”  

“Need to pee? Don’t do it on a train!”

“Poles are for your safety, not for taking care of nature’s business.”

We would also suggest that the MTA include a reminder that there are plenty of publicly accessible bathrooms at subway stations around the city.

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