WATCH: What is this terrarium seen on a woman’s head in NYC?

A woman was recently spotted walking around the streets of NYC with a dome on her head.

No, that’s not a scuba diver headed for the East River. It’s the TerraDome portable ecosystem, a totally real (absolutely fake) product that managed to make its way onto TV this year.

According to USA Today, the hoax was pulled off by Jay Moorehead and Keil Troisi, who goes by the stage name Jeff Walburn. The two created a bubble that supposedly allowed people to invest in fossil fuels while also enjoying a guilt-free view of a world that was not impacted by climate change.

The product was pitched on PA Live, but it came out later that the whole thing was fake. It was a part of a bigger campaign to put pressure on Vanguard Group, the world’s largest investor in fossil fuels.

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