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Bushwick ramen spots to try: Ichiran, Chuko and more

Bushwick’s ramen scene is booming.

In the past year, four exciting new ramen-ya have set up shop in the Brooklyn nabe.

They opened just in time for fall, too, when there’s nothing like a steaming bowl of noodles to ward off the cooler weather.

Whether you’re craving rich tonkotsu, salty shoyu or even a vegetarian variety, here’s a breakdown of Bushwick’s new ramen joints.


Chuko's soy ramen. Photo provided by Chuko for
Photo Credit: Chuko

Who’s behind it: Same people as the Prospect Heights Chuko. 
The concept: The long-awaited location opened in May with the same menu as the original Chuko, but in a slightly funkier space. 
The ramen: Choose from seven types of ramen, from traditional soy and pork bone to the popular veggie miso, with noodles delivered fresh from Sun Noodle. Further personalize with a choice of protein and add-ons like garlic chili oil and extra veggies. 
Also try: Favorites like the okonomiyaki-style tots and miso kale salad.
Info: Menu $5-$16; 144 Evergreen Ave., 718-484-9022,


Photo Credit: Rebecca Fondren

Whos behind it: This is the first U.S. branch of the Japanese chain. 
The concept: Ichiran is famous for its “flavor concentration booths, where guests dine solo, separated from servers by shades, and each other by partitions. They fill out a form with their preferences (noodle texture, richness of sauce, spice level) and press a button when they’re ready to order. For those that favor human interaction, there’s also a more traditional dining room with tables and an expanded drink selection. 
The ramen: Beyond its booths, Ichiran is known for its tonkotsu broth and thin, straight noodles, which are made fresh each day in the adjacent production facility. Diners can customize their ramen with toppings like cha-shu and cooked eggs.
Also try: Beyond ramen, the sparse menu includes a pork belly appetizer and a matcha pudding dessert.
Info: Menu $9.90-$18.90, no tipping policy; 374 Johnson Ave., 718-381-0491,

Lua Bar

Lua Bar's Spicy Boys! spam corndogs. Photo provided
Photo Credit: Lua Bar

Who’s behind it: Folks from Williamsburg restaurants Beco and Suzume. 
The concept: This self-described “ramen party bar” replaced okonomiyaki spot Okiway in July, serving small plates and cocktails til late. 
The ramen: Noodle options include traditional shoyu with pork belly, a vegetarian tan tan ramen, a bowl with dried sardines (niboshi) and a spicy sesame-veggie version.
Also try: The unique “snacks” range from Spam corn dogs (pictured) to General Tso’s cauliflower, while sandwiches include chorizo-stuffed pan de leche sliders. Whatever you order, pair it with a tropical-inspired cocktail, none of which cost more than $9.
Info: Menu $4-$10, cash only; 1006 Flushing Ave., 347-378-2773, 


Ajihei's ramen. Photo provided by Ajihei for article
Photo Credit: Ajihei

Who’s behind it: The chef, Koji Kitamura, previously served straight-forward sushi and ramen for nearly 20 years at Ajihei in Princeton, New Jersey. 
The concept: The omakase sushi, ramen and sake bar opened in June. 
The ramen: Kitamura offers a similarly straightforward menu here, featuring soy, sea salt, sesame and pork bone ramen. 
Also try: Don’t miss appetizers like fried pork gyoza, chirashi (rice bowls with sliced fish) and an edited selection of sushi, which can be enjoyed a la carte or as an omakase menu at the counter. 
Info: Menu $4-$70; 156 Knickerbocker Ave., 718-552-2065,


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