You can now eat artisanal chocolate tacos in TriBeCa

First the brr-ito, now the artisanal Choco Taco!

Ice cream and Mexican food are having their season.

First came Ben & Jerry’s not-so-successful brr-ito and now, Anejo Tribeca has debuted a treat New Yorkers have desired for years: an artisanal chocolate taco.

Now on the menu at the chic Mexican restaurant’s new downstairs lounge, Abajo, the Chocolate Taco is filled with pistachio ice cream, peanut butter caramel sauce and encased in a crisp chocolate-dipped pizzelle.

This sweet taco is served without the salsa, and yes, guac is extra, but here, it’s deep fried and topped with onion salt. No chips necessary.

Forgo the calorie counts and indulge!

Melissa Kravitz