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Mets' Noah Syndergaard on NYC faves: Central Park, Bareburger, more

Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard shares his favorite spots

Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard shares his favorite spots in New York City during an exclusive interview with amNewYork. Above, Syndergaard throws a pitch during spring training on Thursday Feb. 25, 2016 in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Photo Credit: Newsday / Alejandra Villa

He hurls fastballs at 99 mph, glaring at batters from the mound with all of his 6-foot-6 inch, 240-pound frame.

But sometimes even the Mighty Thor needs a little Namaste in his life.

“They have great yoga classes in Central Park,” Mets ace Noah Syndergaard tells amNewYork. “Central Park is definitely one of my favorite places for outdoor exercise in the city.”

In an exclusive interview, Syndergaard has lots to say about his morning routine, favorite haunts and what he does when he’s not tormenting Mr. Met or the visiting team at Citi Field.

The Texas native — who will once again live in Manhattan during this baseball season — embraces life in the Big Apple.

And while he famously strode through the streets dressed as his alter ego last year, Syndergaard tries his best to be like any other New Yorker.

“When I’m in New York City, my typical morning includes waking up, grabbing a green juice and a CytoSport bar,” he says. “I’ll often walk around a bit and enjoy the city before going to the stadium in the midafternoon.”

If he has the time, Syndergaard rents a Citi Bike and takes a spin through Central Park.

Late nights at the stadium mean he usually eats breakfast at home. He names Bareburger as one of his favorite lunch spots.

“Catch is always good for dinner,” Syndergaard says, referring to the Meatpacking District’s popular seafood restaurant.

“I don’t have a favorite hangout spot, but I enjoy going to all the rooftops,” he adds.

When he’s training and on the field, Syndergaard is laser focused and all business.

Otherwise, this “Seinfeld” fan likes to let his blond locks down and embrace his goofball side with witty Twitter posts and lighthearted shenanigans.

His entertaining social media presence gives him a unique way to connect with fans and highlight another part of his personality.

When he is asked to name the funniest guy in the Mets locker room, the reply is “Yours truly.”

He’s got the goods to prove it.

An SNY crew followed him in Times Square last year while he was dressed as the Marvel superhero.

“You offer any discounts for Norse gods?” he asked one stunned deli worker.

He failed to convince a confused cabbie to take him to “Avengers Tower,” or get a food cart to serve up “four of your finest boar.”

Syndergaard’s good humor helped land him a spot on an episode of Mets fan Kevin James’ sitcom “Kevin Can Wait.” The “Game of Thrones” fanatic is also set to appear as an extra in the upcoming season of the acclaimed HBO drama.

And if Marvel comes knocking?

“Of course,” he says.

The comics giant has collaborated with the Mets for a one-of-a-kind Noah Syndergaard-Thor bobblehead for the July 22 home game. (There’s only enough for the first 15,000 ticket holders, so expect long lines.)

He even jokingly calls out Odin’s son himself for not letting Syndergaard know he cut his tresses for the upcoming “Thor: Ragnarok” film.

“How about a “short hair” heads up one time’re killing me man,” he tweeted earlier this month alongside a photo of the buff Australian star.

When someone posted a Syndergaard figure in a buy one get one free deal, he responded in mock-horror: “I’ve been discounted!?!?! WHAT...THE...@%&$!”

New roomie and Mets righthander Robert Gsellman tried to keep a straight face while Syndergaard showered him with powder and sunflower seeds during a television interview at spring training.

He calls Gsellman, who has his own impressive mane of hair, his “Loki” — a reference to Thor’s envious half-brother.

And about that hair ...

“My hair care routine is rinse, lather, but don’t repeat,” Syndergaard says.

A good part of the season, however, will be spent on the road. Syndergaard said he gets through the long flights by binge-watching Netflix and HBO shows.

It will also give him plenty of time to plot against his nemesis, the team’s large-headed mascot Mr. Met.

“Wow ... the Jedi will take anyone these days,” he quipped in response to a video of Mr. Met wielding a lightsaber in December.

More recently he suggested a possible film plot:

“Evil 4 ft Mr. Met bobblehead terrorizes NYC, 4 Ft Syndergaard Gnome saves NY Die Hard style. Hollywood Go.”

It seems Hollywood is already watching.

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