Christie Brinkley: I hosed down woman urinating on beach

Christie Brinkley entered a social-media war with an Independence Day reveler on Monday after turning a garden hose on a woman she says urinated on her property.

“I know it’s Independence Day but that does not mean ‘free to pee’ in front of my guests and me at my fireworks gathering,” the Sag Harbor supermodel, 62, posted on Facebook. “Maybe the trespasser should celebrate ‘Depends Day’ as she apparently thinks she lives in ‘The Land of the Pee,’ and I was forced to hose down her mess after she urinated in my yard all the while throwing things at me.”

“I had to pee,” wrote the woman, Erica Remkus, on Facebook, in a now-deleted post captured on British media. “So I went on the beach (public property) and there was a guy peeing so I waited until he was done,” she said. “Then I went near where he had gone and she and friends got up and started yelling at me.”

Remkus, whose Facebook page describes her as a hairstylist and “a clothing rep with Agnes & Dora,” said Brinkley told her, “You can’t go here your [sic] on MY property! I said um no, I am on a beach and it’s public property.” Remkus said that after some “back and forth,” Brinkley warned that she would spray Remkus with a hose. “I said Please. Go right ahead. And she did. And I threw my glow stick necklaces at her” and urinated as Brinkley shot video of it.

In response to a Facebook question, Remkus said Brinkley contacted police. The officer, Remkus conceded, told her urinating in public is not allowed. Neither woman mentioned any ticketing or other law-enforcement action.

“My wish for everyone on this Fourth of July,” Brinkley wrote, “is . . . may you live in the Land of the Free from belligerent drunken stalkers with weak bladders and foul mouths. (that’s not too much to ask right ?) Peace! I’ll raise my glass of Bellissima Prosecco to that . . . Cheers Happy 4th to everyone!”