Seth Rogen tweets about Citi Bike frustration

Citi Bike tweeted back to Rogen, saying they were working on the problem.

Fighting for customer satisfaction in the public arena of social media opened a new chapter this week when Seth Rogen aired his frustration with Citi Bike on Twitter with a pithy expletive.

Rogen, 32, tweeted a two-word expletive at Citi Bike NYC Sunday night prompting the plea, “How did we wrong you?!!!” from the service just minutes later.

“It should be noted on my (suspended) account,” Rogen wrote back.

“Ah, see it now. We’re working to resolve that for you,” Citi Bike tweeted.

The exchange prompted a wistful response from another Twitter user who wished customer service “was as easy as this for the rest of us.”

Citi Bike NYC chirped back, “We do strive to make it this easy for everyone!”

Rogen was not given preferential treatment because of his celebrity, “but we saw his tweet faster, because it was being retweeted so many times,” said a Citi Bike spokeswoman.

The service is unable to promptly handle the volume of customer requests for assistance it receives via social media, but is adding and training customer support reps to work via social media channels, because so many customers seem to prefer communicating that way, said the spokeswoman.

“For now the fastest way (to obtain satisfaction) is to call our 24-hour customer support line – 1-855-BIKE-311,” she said.

Rogen’s “key fob” is now working “and we got him on his way,” she noted.

Sheila Anne Feeney