‘Friends! The Musical Parody’ is going ‘on a break,’ starting July 22

"Friends! The Parody Musical" will end its Off-Broadway run this July. Photo Credit: Meghan Giannotta

After more than 200 shows, the Off-Broadway parody is closing.

“Friends! The Parody Musical” will end its Off-Broadway run this July. Photo Credit: Georgia Kral

The time has come for “Friends! The Musical Parody” to go on a break.

After two extensions following its initial success and more than 200 performances, the musical comedy poking fun at the iconic ’90s sitcom will play its final performance on July 22, at the St. Luke’s Theatre. 

But perk up “Friends” fans, because you’ll be able to catch Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey, Phoebe and Gunther at Central Perk in the show’s upcoming North American tour beginning in the fall, according to a news release.

“It’s been a great ride with an amazing group of actors, band members, and crew,” producer Lynn Shore said in a statement. “Thank you to all the ‘Friends’ fans who came out and helped make this show a success.”

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