Katherine Heigl, Josh Kelley expecting first biological child

Actress Katherine Heigl says that she is pregnant with a baby boy due in January.

The child will be the third for Heigl and her singer-songwriter husband Josh Kelley, the parents of two adopted daughters.

“The Kelley clan is thrilled to announce that we are expecting a third addition to our family,” the couple told People magazine in a statement Thursday. “Naleigh and Adelaide could not be more excited to welcome their new sibling into the fold and Josh and I are overflowing with joy and gratitude.”

“Grey’s Anatomy” Emmy Award-winner Heigl, 37, who starred as a CIA officer in NBC’s recent “State of Affairs” and is upcoming as a defense attorney in CBS’ “Doubt,” added jocularly, “This is an incredibly exciting time for us filled with hope, anticipation, and hormones. Well, only I’m filled with hormones, but everyone in the family gets to enjoy them.” She said. “We couldn’t be more excited to be able to finally share this news with our fans and are looking forward to continuing to share the journey with you all.”

Heigl and Kelley, 36, married on Dec. 23, 2007, after meeting when she appeared in the 2005 video for his song “Only You.” They adopted their first daughter Naleigh, now 7, in September 2009 when the infant was 9 months old. She is formally named Nancy Leigh, after Heigl’s mother Nancy and the middle name of Heigl’s sister Margaret, herself a South Korean adoptee.

Kelley and Heigl confirmed in April 2012 that they had domestically adopted a second child, although it was the following month before they revealed it was a daughter they’d named Adelaide Marie Hope, now 4.

Naleigh, adopted as a special-needs child, had had a congenital heart defect repaired surgically in South Korea before she came to the United States.