‘Mean Girls’ sequel? Nope, Fey says (but maybe a reunion)

Tina Fey has dismissed sequel rumors.

Quick, dig your burn books out of storage and brush up on your “Jingle Bell Rock” routines — a “Mean Girls” reunion may be on its way.

“It’s the 10th anniversary of the movie,” Tina Fey, who wrote and starred in the 2004 hit, said earlier this week at the “Muppets Most Wanted” premiere.

“So hopefully there will be like a screening or a party.”

It’s not the first time Fey has floated the idea. “I saw Tina and she mentioned doing a reunion,” Lindsay Lohan said last week on “The Tonight Show.”

Fey has dismissed sequel rumors, but fans can still rejoice: A “Mean Girls” musical is only “a couple of years” away, Fey said.

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