Olivia Wilde just discovered the Q train

Olivia Wilde is often shocked by the NYC transit system. From delays to cancellations, it’s not uncommon for the actress and New York resident to tweet about her various subway woes. But on Wednesday, Wilde seemed more than pleased with the MTA.

Why? Apparently, she just discovered the Q train in all of its glory.

“I’ve lived in New York for five billion years and just discovered the Q train. Was I blind?! This is a new era. #olddognewtrick,” Wilde tweeted.

Whether or not Wilde was living under a rock during the Second Avenue subway construction is unclear … but we’ll give her a pass due to her stacked-up resume. The actress was filming HBO’s “Vinyl” and FOX’s “Son of Zorn” in 2016 and two films, “Live Itself” and “A Vigilante” earlier this year. Construction on the long-awaited Second Avenue subway expansion was completed in January, allowing the train line to run between Coney Island in Brooklyn and 96th Street on the Upper East Side.

Fans couldn’t help but have some fun with Wilde’s revelation.

“You’re too wilde for the Q train,” Twitter user @s15Steven wrote.

“You’re older than I thought,” @huggyb replied.

Wilde currently resides in Brooklyn with her husband, Jason Sudeikis, son, Otis, and daughter, Daisy.