Renee Zellweger on ‘new face’ allegations: ‘I’m glad folks think I look different’

She calls the controversy “silly.”

Since The Fappening seems to be over (please?), Hollywood has something new to talk about: Renee Zellweger’s face.

Images of Zellweger with what appeared to be an altered face at the ELLE Women in Hollywood Awards dinner went viral this week.

The Internet quickly did its thing, with headlines popping up like “What Happened to Renee Zellweger’s Face?” as many speculated she had overdone plastic surgery.

Zellweger, who hasn’t been in a major movie since 2010 and has been living largely out of the spotlight in the past few years, told People on Wednesday that the controversy over her appearence is “silly” and “people don’t know me in my 40s.”

“I’m glad people think I look different!” Zellweger said. “I’m living a different, happy, more fulfilling life, and I’m thrilled that perhaps it shows … My friends say I look peaceful. I am healthy. For a long time, I wasn’t doing such a good job with that. I took on a schedule that is not realistically sustainable and didn’t allow for taking care of myself. Rather than stopping to recalibrate, I kept running until I was depleted and made bad choices about how to conceal the exhaustion. I was aware of the chaos and finally chose different things.”

Is that answer is enough to satisfy the Internet? We’ll see (but probably not).

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