HIIT workouts in NYC: Fhitting Room, Kore and more places for the fitness trend

High intensity interval training, better known as HIIT, has become one of the hottest fitness trends — especially after a study last spring linked it to slowing down aging.

If you’ve never done a session, the concept is pretty straightforward: You push yourself to the absolute limits for several minutes, then slow down for several minutes. You continue through cycles of intense exercise and rest as if you were hitting fast-forward and pause.

Here are five places to find HIIT classes in NYC.


Trainer Maryam Zadeh switches up workouts to keep the energy level high. The short timed sets alternate between cardio and strength training to burn calories, build muscle and boost bone density for anti-aging benefits. $16/30-minute class, $32/50-minute class; 527 Carroll St., Gowanus, bkhiitbox.com

Fhitting Room

This fitness club has its own take on HIIT, dubbed Functional High Intensity Training, or FHIT. All signature, 50-minute classes are led by two instructors to increase personalized attention. $38/class; 201 E. 67th St., 31 W. 19th St., 584 Columbus Ave., fhittingroom.com


Running her trademark classes Saturday through Wednesday at Hype Gym or Athleta Flatiron, personal trainer Daphnie Yang uses a HIIT format to increase core strength, tone muscles and improve metabolism for a calorie-scorching, total-body workout. $25/class; HYPE Gym, 480 Second Ave., Athleta Flatiron, 126 Fifth Ave., daphnieyang.com

The SweatShed by Crunch

Crunch launched its fitness studio within a gym concept last spring, offering pay-as-you-go classes for nonmembers and discounts for members like $10 off and BOGO sessions. Inside the blue-lit room, find vibrating foam rollers to stretch your muscles before and after the burn. $30/class; 1109 Second Ave., www.sweatshed.com


Under its rallying call Reps on Rhythm, this stylish space pumping beats in the Meatpacking District looks more like a secret nightclub than a fitness studio. There are flash sale-like daily offers for its classes, which you can also try out for $25 for first timers. $34/class; 336 W. 13th St., korenewyork.com