Valiant, Oren’s bridging comics and coffee

There is crossover appeal between coffee and comics.

Coffee and comic books might not seem to be the most natural combination, but two New York City companies are betting that there will be crossover appeal.

Starting tomorrow, Valiant Entertainment and Oren’s Daily Roast are teaming up for a promotion with Midtown Comics, where the coffee shop will offer a limited-edition beverage and feature a Valiant hero on its java jackets. Take that java jacket to any of the three Midtown Comics stores and redeem it for a FREE Valiant Comic. And if you take a Valiant comic to an Oren’s, you can get 10% off your next purchase.

“Both Oren’s and Valiant offer best of breed products,” says Russell Brown, Valiant’s VP of Consumer Products, Promotions and Ad Sales.

The special beverage Oren’s will be offering is the X-O Manowar Green Tea Blast. The drink “is a combination of Matcha green tea and our own proprietal vanilla mix for frozen beverages that comes together in a refreshingly subtle iced thirst quencher for the summer,” says Oren Bloostein, founder and roastmaster of Oren’s Daily Roast.

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