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Avid cyclists share their favorite rides in NYC

Looking for a good ride? We asked avid New York cyclists where they like to go in NYC:

Hudson River Greenway

Susi Wunsch, publisher of Velojoy:
Photo Credit: Flickr / Jerry Dohnal

Susi Wunsch, publisher of Velojoy: "Pedaling a continuous stretch of road helps build endurance and strength. But thats not easy to find in Manhattan, where the grid of intersections means lots of starts and stops. So riding the Hudson River Greenway on the West Side, or pedaling the Central Park loop are good choices for boosting cycling fitness. The distance from Battery Park at Manhattans southern tip to the Little Red Lighthouse at the northerly reach is a flat 11 miles. Along the route, youll enjoy scenic views of the Hudson River and the George Washington Bridge and a fresh breeze off the water. The full Central Park loop comprises 6.1 miles with a short, challenging hill climb at the north end. Pro tip: Ride early, if you can. It will be cooler and youll avoid the crowds of pedestrians who flood the park on warm spring days."

Wolfe’s Pond Park

Samuel Slaton, director of communications for Bike New
Photo Credit: Flickr / allie

Samuel Slaton, director of communications for Bike New York: When my 26-mile commute starts to get monotonous, and the Arkansan in me yearns for woods a little wilder than those in Prospect Park, I head out to Wolfes Pond Park on Staten Islands South Shore for some mountain biking. From the Staten Island Ferry, weave your way for 13 miles through suburbia before finally slipping in among the sweetgum, hickory and oak trees of the park. Once youve made it to the trails, the only thing left to do is decide whether youll take it easy on a green, up the ante on a blue or go all out on a black trail. No matter your skill level, youll find what you came for a blast and a much-needed breath of fresh air.

Orchard Beach

Dani Simons, director of marketing for Citi Bike
Photo Credit: NYC Parks

Dani Simons, director of marketing for Citi Bike operator NYC Bike Share: I have a real soft spot for biking up in the Bronx. There are great greenways. Theres a connection to Orchard Beach the Hutchinson River Greenway to the Pelham Parkway Greenway to the City Island Road Greenway. You can bike all the way out to Orchard Beach and City Island. I love that ride in the summer. Youre actually off road for a lot of it and on the greenways, then wind up in City Island, which is a quirky, cool place. You feel like youve gone to one of the ends of the city.

Cunningham Park

Cunningham Park: Pack your bike and head to
Photo Credit: Flickr / N0fX

Cunningham Park: Pack your bike and head to one of the largest parks in Queens for a day on the trails and the car-free Vanderbilt Motor Parkway.


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