Meet Donald Robertson, better known as @donalddrawbertson.

The Larchmont, New York-based suburban dad to five has quickly become one of the most admired creatives in the city, thanks to his drawing skills. His sketches and paintings run the gamut from his signature lips to Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour to Kim Kardashian. He also has a big Instagram fansbase, with more than 90,000 followers.

The Ontario College of Art and Design dropout, who previously was a creative director at Glamour and Cargo magazines, has an enviable day job, too, working as a creative director at Estee Lauder. But he still manages to have plenty of adventures outside of the esteemed beauty house, including collaborating on a children's T-shirt line for J.Crew and an open studio with gallerist Eric Firestone currently up at 9 Great Jones St.

This mad illustrator is taking over the art world one drawing at a time. Robertson clues us into his influences and style.


Vanity Fair called you 'Drawbertson.' How did you first get into art?

The doctor said my mother's womb was covered in cave paintings. Born drawing!


Who's your biggest muse?

All the #brownhair girls on Instagram.


What annoys you about art?

When it becomes static and precious.


What do you do for Estee Lauder?

Roving creative instigator!


What's been the most inspiring figure to you: fashion brands or movie icons?

Wes Anderson is both! Fashionable movies!


What the price point of your art?

Growing daily. See my new cover of the Harper's Bazaar art issue!


Which artists do you admire?

John Currin, David Hockney and Alec Colville. They can all actually draw well.


Describe your style?



Describe the sexiest New York woman.

Carine Roitfeld in the city, my wife in the country -- both #brownhairgirls.


Describe the sexiest man.

Ali the maitre'd at Sant Ambroeus Soho.


Any advice you'd like to share with readers?

You don't have to ever think outside the box because there is no box.