Bronx pizza: Best slices and pies in the borough

Every New Yorker knows the “real” Little Italy isn’t in Manhattan.

It’s actually centered on a short stretch of Arthur Avenue dotted with trattorias, pastry shops, sausage markets and pizzerias in the Bronx. (A red, white and green circle painted on the road at the intersection of Arthur Avenue and East 187th Street literally marks the spot.)

For pizza connoisseurs, the area delivers everything from an old-school red-sauce joint hiding a “secret” margherita pie on its dinner menu to a market stall selling rustic grandma slices to a romantic trattoria topping pies with butternut squash puree (?!). But you’ll be missing out on some of the borough’s best New York-style slices and high-end pies if you don’t explore farther afield.

We at amNewYork took that enticing task upon ourselves, and we’ve collected all the intel you need. Almost every Bronx pizzaiolo and pizzaiola we met told us that ingredients and love make their pies exceptional, but that’s only half the story.

We tell the rest — as we did with the best pizzerias in Queens, Staten Island and Brooklyn— below: