Insomnia Cookies launches new membership program for New York City’s cookie monsters

Photo courtesy of Insomnia Cookies

Calling all Cookie Monsters! Insomnia Cookies unveiled the nation’s first-ever “unlimited cookie” monthly membership, CookieMagic, on March 23.

Unlike anything else on the current food marketplace, CookieMagic gives members a free cookie every day along with access to other sweet perks.

“We are excited to bring CookieMagicTM to our loyal Insomniacs, who can enjoy a free cookie whenever they want and save on their favorite desserts all year long. This is the ultimate club for cookie lovers,” said Chief Marketing Officer of Insomnia Cookies, Tom Carusona. “CookieMagicTM will also be a way to keep Insomniacs in the loop about our latest menu items, discounts, and special events,” he continued. 

Insomnia Cookies created CookieMagic based on customer feedback and data showing a growing demand for cookies across America.

The CookieMagic membership is $9.99 per month. Members will be given one free cookie every day (in-store or online) and will receive free local delivery from all Insomnia Cookies’ locations, 20% off nationwide shipping orders with no strings attached (no minimum purchase required; no limit on discount use; discount can be used for yourself or to send gifts to others) and access to exclusive promotions and perks such as cookie tastings, special discounts, VIP events and more.

Insomnia Cookies is offering one free month of CookieMagic for those who sign up for the membership by March 28. Just use the code “ITSMAGIC” at checkout to receive this special promotion.

Visit insomniacookies.com/cookiemagic to sign up for CookieMagic or give the delicious membership to your favorite cookie lover.

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