JetBlue and Beecher’s serve in-flight cheese and wine pairings on trips from NYC to California

Buckle your seatbelts and let down your tray tables: JetBlue flights to California are getting romantic. That is, if you’re wooed by wine and cheese.

JetBlue is quickly becoming the food lover’s airline. After establishing itself as the first U.S. airline to serve rosé in the sky in August 2015, JetBlue partnered with NYC’s Saxon and Parole (316 Bowery) to design seasonal, high altitude-friendly culinary options for first class passengers.

In October, JetBlue launched a blue potato farm at Kennedy Airport, the first of its kind, growing 1,000 pounds of potatoes and 2,000 herb plants each season in organic soil supplemented by food waste from Terminal 5. The produce is used in JetBlue’s in-flight options, including Terra potato chips, as well as in airport food service.

And beyond luxe in-flight options and farm-to-sky snacks, JetBlue is pleasing high altitude epicureans with a gourmet, curated snack box right out of a Flatiron hot spot: Beecher’s Handmade Cheese (900 Broadway).

Three single-pour wine bottles specifically chosen for their palatability at high altitudes — Reserve de la Baume Colombard-Chardonnay, Reserve de la Baume Cabernet Sauvignon and Segura Viudas sparkling wine — all pair with Beecher’s cheeses, sold on flights from NYC to San Francisco and Los Angeles. 

Beecher’s selected four cheeses — Aged Flagship (nutty, crumbly) , Dutch Hollow Dulcet (creamy), Marco Polo (peppery, buttery) and Jamaican Jerk-seasoned No Woman (spicy, smoky) — based on their creaminess, saltiness and deep flavor profiles to best translate to the tastes of a snacker at 30,000-feet altitude, a Beecher’s representative explained at a media tasting on Thursday night. Though she had yet to take a JetBlue flight with a Beecher’s box, she admitted to bringing snacks from Beecher’s on other flights, which is pretty good advice for any traveler. 

Beecher’s cheese retails at $19-22 per pound at the store and $12 for an in-flight snack box with pre-sliced tasting portions.

Cheese is best enjoyed at room temperature, so no need to worry about keeping it chilled — just don’t forget it in your carry-on, or else you’re in for a very unpleasant unpacking experience.

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