First Timer: Exceed Physical Culture’s circuit class

The first thing I noticed after stepping into Exceed Physical Culture’s Upper East Side space was how immaculate it was. The machines were gleaming (and the people glistening). The second thing I noticed was the intimate vibe in the room where my class, called Summit, was being held. With two instructors and about a dozen participants, this was a class that placed a premium on making sure everyone knew how to safely use the equipment.

Summit (Strength and Ultra Metabolic Movement Interval Training) is a circuit training class, where resistance and high-intensity aerobics are used for body conditioning. The Exceed studio is equipped with TRX suspension training, kettlebells, row machines and BOSU balls and all are used in the Summit class.

The 50-minute workout was divided into two different circuits, which were each made up of four exercises. From TRX push-ups to kettlebell swings to burpees, the class was fun, constantly in motion and varied enough to keep my brain active and alert.

But the best thing about the class was the personal attention I received. When I wasn’t doing a move correctly, one of the instructors was by my side before I even knew something was wrong. That level of attention is sadly lacking from many fitness classes. When your body is being pushed in a workout, it’s important to be doing the move correctly, so as to avoid injury.

High-intensity workouts are a great way to kickstart a new fitness routine. They work all areas of your body, get your heart rate up and keep it there and are fun and exciting. After taking the Summit class at Exceed, I told myself that I’d return, and I really hope I keep that promise.