UGG NYC flagship explores the future of fashion

A look at UGG's new winter pop-up.
A look at UGG’s new winter pop-up.
Photo by Sophie Maxx

Nestled in the heart of the Big Apple, where style meets innovation, the UGG Flagship store has taken a leap into the future with a digital fashion shopping experience for its customers.

UGG, the iconic Californian brand known for its cozy sheepskin boots, is exploring the boundaries of retail by introducing an immersive Augmented Reality (AR) fashion experience, exclusive to the brand’s New York City location.

The activation launched in November with UGG’s winter campaign, UGGextreme – a capsule collection celebrating the chilling climate with stylish all-gender outerwear and footwear that protects customers against harsh weather while promoting comfort and self-expression.

Visitors of the UGG Flagship store can now step into a winter wonderland through the augmented reality mirror, immersing themselves in the Arctic tundra without leaving the store.

Photo by Sophie Maxx

The AR mirror allows shoppers to try on animated features like icicles or wings and experience an extreme frost vortex or wintry storm. What makes this experience truly remarkable is that each piece seamlessly molds to the individual’s body, offering a unique and personalized experience that engages all senses – and makes for a sharable moment!

“Self-expression is one of our core brand values, and this immersive experience is all about self-expression,” said Anne Spangenberg, President of UGG.

“This experience takes consumers into an otherworldly arctic setting, showcasing the collection’s cold weather capabilities in the world of UggExtreme. We’ve brought a fresh, fun approach to a pinnacle winter lifestyle product with fashion and performance that encourages consumers to get outside and feel great.”

Located at 530 Fifth Avenue, UGG’s flagship store has always been a symbol of the brand’s legacy. Since its opening in November 2020, it has embodied UGG’s heritage and DNA while reimagining its California origins within the busy streets of New York City.

Photo by Sophie Maxx

The multi-level, 12,842-square-foot store offers an extensive range of footwear, ready-to-wear, accessories, and even home goods, creating an UGG haven for tourists and local enthusiasts.

Now, three years later, the retail store is turning a new leaf and embracing cutting-edge technologies with the help of ZERO10. The ZERO10 AR mirror has previously been featured in other NYC retail stores, including Coach, JD Sports, and Tommy Hilfiger.

“AR mirrors are gaining widespread adoption in the retail sector, offering an array of use cases beyond our initial expectations. Emerging concepts are reshaping the retail landscape, with technology and immersive experiences such as virtual try-ons becoming crucial for engaging customers on a deeper level,” said George Yashin, CEO of ZERO10.

As UGG continues to explore the future of fashion, the NYC Flagship will surely serve as a destination for those who crave the extraordinary and are looking for a new addition to their NYC holiday shopping experience.

The installation is available at the UGG New York City Flagship located at 530 5th Avenue until Jan. 19.

Photo by Sophie Maxx