Why was this woman on a leash at the Staten Island Mall?

A Hot Topic employee didn’t seem surprised.

This may be why some New Yorkers avoid malls. Especially on Staten Island.

A photograph of a man leading a woman on a leash through the Staten Island Mall on Sunday has raised plenty of questions.

The Staten Island Advance reported Wednesday that mall management asked the couple to leave the premises and they did, but not without soliciting jokes and genuine concern from social media users.

With over 1,300 re-tweets, @prayingforhoes captioned the image of the couple as “50 shades of grey in real life.”

They’re here all the time,” a Zumiez clothing store employee told the New York Daily News. “They’re normal people.” The paper also stated that a Hot Topic employee — who else — confirmed the couple were regulars at the mall.

No word on whether their regular shopping repertoire includes dressing in pet accessories.

Melissa Kravitz