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The Betches' guide to a Betchy NYC Valentine's Day

What reasons are you celebrating Valentine's Day in

What reasons are you celebrating Valentine's Day in NYC for?

You may cringe at learning that a book titled "Nice is Just a Place in France: How to Win at Basically Everything" by a trio of ladies dubbed "The Betches" is a New York Times Bestseller. But hey, maybe they're onto something?

In their book, which is dedicated to Xanax and Adderall, The Betches teach that niceness is "boring and overrated" and "nice girls perpetuate the stereotypes that women are inferior...not smart or funny" but a Betch enjoys effortless success. Not to be confused with that other B word, Betches own it. In short, they are the female equivalent of bros, but better. Sound like some New Yorkers you know?

With Valentine's Day coming up, The Betches gave us some advice for New York Betches on Feb. 14.


What should an NYC girl do if she doesn't have a date for Valentine’s day?

She should go out to a bar or a club with her single friends. Valentine's Day is one of the most fun nights to go out because everyone is single. We recommend The Jane, 205/Rochelle's, Gilded Lily, Marquee and Lavo. If you're looking for something crazier, check out The Box.

Is using Tinder on V-Day a big NO?

A big NO especially this year because Valentine's Day is on a Saturday so you should be partying, not on your phone. Don't seem like a loser!

Is Galentine’s Day really a thing?

That word is definitely NOT a thing I hope, but going out with your single friends on Valentine's day is DEFINITELY a thing.

If you hate your ex but want presents, should you get back together for February?

Nah. Valentine's Day gifts are too cheap to warrant getting back with a lame ex. I mean, you can buy chocolates for yourself for less than having to endure your annoying ex. Now something as big as say, your birthday, is a different story.

Similarly: If you don’t really like the person you're dating but it seems too late to find a new boo for V-day, what’s the best way to stick it out?

Suggest an expensive restaurant. His reaction will be a great test to see if you should keep him around come Feb. 15.

What’s the deal with handmade gifts?

They're good if you're in an actual relationship and it has actual thought put into it. If you've only gone on two dates, stick with something cute and store bought if you want to make it until summer.


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