Fashion in Fordham: Bronx designer brings couture gallery to transit hub

Edwin Reyes during a preview of The Bronx Gala.
Photos by Alex Mitchell

After a hiatus in 2020, one of the Bronx’s youngest and most enthusiastic recognized designers is returning with a bang this coming April.

Edwin Reyes, a 22-year-old who hails from Hunts Point will be hosting a couture-styled window display called ‘The Bronx Gala’ at Fordham Plaza, where he will be debuting only the finest of his brand, FINEZT.

Opening Monday, April 5, Reyes’ collection debuts to the public throughout the month and will become available for on-the-spot purchase on Saturday, May 1 via QR codes.

“I want to use this window display as a way to inspire people when they walk by,” Reyes said, adding that the pieces to be displayed are his “most fun and interesting to look at, just like art.”

“I wanted to put these outfits first on display to have fun and be free after a whole year of being at home all the time,” the designer said.

Along with public praise, The Bronx Gala received support from some known organizations as well, such as Materials For Arts.

That creative refuse center donated mannequins, stands, and fabrics for Reyes to use, leading to the creation of a sustainable jacket to be premiered.

Meanwhile, the space Reyes acquired in “The Bowl” building on the corner of Fordham Road and Third Avenue was donated by ChaShaMa, a non-profit which helps secure public displays for artists.

As for those who can not make it to Fordham Plaza this month, Reyes also incorporated an augmented reality component to his gallery so that viewers can see and appreciate his works from the comfort of their own homes via smartphone.

Previously, Reyes has launched a fashion publication in the Bronx, a beauty campaign which focused on Latina women, and several other creative ventures which have earned him local appreciation in his borough.

For free tickets to The Bronx Gala, register here.