9/11 Memorial won’t have restrooms

9/11 Memorial won’t have restrooms
The National Sept. 11th Memorial, which is anticipating millions of visitors once it opens in the fall, will have neither men’s nor women’s facilities.

The museum, scheduled to open next year, will have restrooms. In the meantime, visitors will have to trek to Cortlandt Street, across from the 16-acre plaza.

Michael Frazier, senior communications manager for the memorial, stressed that the setup is not what some media outlets referred to as a “planning oversight” — restrooms, he said, were never in the organization’s plans to begin with.

Responding to the announcement, the 9/11 memorial issued a written statement, saying, “The Memorial’s planned timed reservation system is designed to help reduce long wait times to enter the site, and visitors will be provided with information to help plan their visit, including being advised that bathrooms will not be accessible on site.”