Boston-bound Brice


Shaking hands with presidential candidate John Kerry, left, Brice Peyre, a former president of the gay-and-lesbian Stonewall Democratic Club and a member of its executive committee since 1990, was elected a delegate to the Democratic National Convention on the Kerry slate in New York’s 14th Congressional District (Manhattan’s East Side, Astoria and Long Island City in Queens and Roosevelt Island). Peyre is the only openly gay Democratic delegate in the 14th District and one of the few elected lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender delegates for Kerry in the nation at this time. In the photo above, Peyre was with Kerry at York College, CUNY, in Jamaica, Queens, on Feb. 23. “It’s exciting and I look forward to working with the other delegates,” said Peyre of being a delegate. At the convention, the delegates pick the nominee and devise and approve a party platform on national issues. Two homosexual Kerry delegates were elected on the West Side: Fred Hochberg, dean of New School’s Milano School; and attorney Judy Selby, a board of directors member of the Human Rights Campaign. Peyre, currently a spokesperson for Congressmember Carolyn Maloney, who represents the 14th District, was formerly a spokesperson for Congressmember Jerrold Nadler, who represents the Eighth District (Manhattan’s West Side, Lower Manhattan and part of Brooklyn), and a couple of city agencies.