Building sheds fence on Avenue C; Two injured


On Friday afternoon a plywood shed that had been erected during construction of a bank branch on Avenue C and E. Third St. collapsed onto the sidewalk, reportedly injuring two people. Police and firefighters arrived shortly before 5 p.m. Firefighters immediately placed supports under the shed, raising it a few inches so they could see if anyone was trapped underneath. Firefighters knocked off several large pieces of wood that remained attached to the building. Stella Adam, an E. Third St. resident, sat on the sidewalk crying out for someone to call 911. “I was coming from the store and then that thing fell, boom, right on my left leg,” she said. “Somebody was passing on a bike and somebody was crossing and it fell on them. I was so scared. I said there were two people under there,” Adam added, before being removed on a stretcher. Avenue C between E. Third and Fourth Sts. was closed to traffic and pedestrians for at least an hour while the location was made safe.