Swingers club in Queens gets busted for violating COVID-19 crowd rules

More than 80 people were found inside the Caligula swingers’ club in Astoria, Queens on Nov. 22, 2020.
Photo courtesy of NYC Sheriff’s Office

The swinging times are over for now amid the pandemic in Queens.

The New York City Sheriff’s Office raided an illegal swingers club in Queens early on Saturday morning for violating COVID-19 gathering rules, walking in on patrons as they had sex inside the establishment, it was reported.

Members of the office and the 114th Precinct made the seedy discovery while visiting the Caligula club at 40-19 20th Ave. in Astoria, Queens just after midnight Sunday. The club is located in the recently expanded Queens “yellow zone,” which prohibits crowds of more than 10 and any operating hours past 10 p.m. daily.

Upon arriving at the scene, law enforcement agents found more than 80 people inside, with liquor served. The organizers lacked proper the permits to store and sell booze, according to the Sheriff’s office.

Responding officers also spotted three couples inside a small VIP room engaged in sex. The area had beds lined up next to each other for attendees to get down and dirty.

Couples were apparently charged anywhere from $30 to $500 for however long (or short) they needed its facilities.

Beds lined up next to each other inside the Caligula swingers club on Nov. 22, 2020.Photo courtesy of NYC Sheriff’s Office

Caligula LLC was issued a citation for failure to protect health and safety, and fined $15,000. 

The Sheriff’s office also charged the club’s alleged manager, Roy Macoy, 37, of Woodside, Queens, with violation of an executive order, violation of an emergency measure, operating an unlicensed bottle club and unauthorized warehousing of alcohol. He was also fined $1,000 for allegedly failing to protect health and safety.

One patron, Jennifer Hayes, 47, of Lynbrook, Long Island, was booked for disorderly conduct and violation of an emergency measure, the Sheriff’s Office added.

A rate card for Caligula’s VIP room, where couples were allowed to swing.Photo courtesy of NYC Sheriff’s Office